Are Humans Monogamous?

Relationships recently have been going through a dramatic change, from how we meet people to how we go on dates. A giant question is… are humans meant to be monogamous? If you are not familiar with monogamy, it just means you are married to one person only. Now I am going to try and answer this in a scientific approach. If you look at humans through out history, from the first humans that walked on Earth, all the way till now, there is a change. Humans are linked to primates and we have seen that gorillas are polygamous. There is only a few species in the animal kingdom that are monogamous like swans, wolves, beavers and a couple more. But is it natural for humans to be monogamous? We are so used to the idea of getting married and being with that person for the rest of your life, and he have adapted this idea of marriage in many countries. Let’s look at the lion for example; it protects the pride. It shows a sign of dominance and strength. It mates with the females and commonly, lions fight each other for the right to mate. Even though humans are much smarter than lions and more complex, you still see this in our society. Women choosing there partner based on certain aspects and male traits is common. A better looking guy with money has a higher chance over the lesser looking guy without money. You could argue with me by saying, “Oh! but its not about the looks or money! It’s about their personality!” Slap yourself. This is rare. We live in a society of competition. Love could be nothing but a word created by humans and the feeling of “love” could be nothing but a natural primal feeling. If monogamy was the case, then why do we get bored in relationships? Why do guys look at other woman or feel attracted to other woman when they are married or in a relationship? If you say this has never happened to you, then you are lying to yourself. If we were monogamous, it would be wired in a our brain to have offspring with one partner, and not like other woman. Like swans. Swans mate for life. Many decline other swans after their mate dies. Before the idea of marriage was created, when humans lived in tribes, I am sure that polygamy was practiced. Things have changed. Marriage has always been something political. To be allies with a country, or to bring families together. We stuck to the idea that marriage is something called love. Marriage will always be something complicated. And for many, the idea of monogamy may be the right way, but what is it actually like in our nature? I think a couple that is married without a divorce, shows complete devotion to the other person and of course discipline. If you last forever with your partner, well to me that’s something beautiful. You are fighting off nature and your primal instinct, all for one person. That’s amazing.

If you want to learn more on this subject, research it online! Lots of articles on it! 🙂


I miss being a kid. Not having a care in the world. Being free and no strings attached. Being able to play and let your imagination fly. That’s why I love Ghibli films. Even as an adult they make me feel happy. I remember my first time going to Japan and how happy I felt there.


I am currently at a Starbucks working on a project on my laptop and this guy next to me keeps peeking at my screen. My screen is just filled with code, and then asked me what language is that. I tell him it’s C#. He looks at me looking extremely confused, and asked, “Is that a Scandinavian language?”. Dude got a big laugh when I told him that programming languages exist. I got a laugh as well. I guess I’m fluent in Finnish.

Overwatch – Review

I hate myself. I really do hate myself for not giving this game a chance sooner. When this game came out I had a chance to buy it but I totally ignored it and I am now paying the consequences. This game is amazing. It’s so damn fun. I know I’m late but better late than never. Growing up on CoD and Halo this game seems way better than the both combined. It’s just different. It’s unique. It’s so unique it deserves it’s own category. You get so sucked in to it and when you play, so much is going that sometimes your brain can’t process everything. I which I had people I could play with but for now I have the little kids on the quick play mode. I am also surprised how essential teamwork is and how teams need to be leveled out in order to win. Either way this game is big and a lot of fun. Like… a lot of FUN.


The Dragon and Wolf (GoT): Review


Game of thrones is over. At least for this year. The finale was just amazing and was everything fans hoped for. It was the right amount of Dragon and Wolf that we wanted. Little Finger’s death was much of a surprise as Jamie deserting Cersei. We got to see Theon Greyjoy grow balls, (not literally…sorry) and we also got to witness the Night King’s army and of course THEIR dragon. But besides all this… the best thing about the finale was finally the confirmation of Jon’s real parents and is his real name. Even with his new name, Jon is the opposite of the last person named Aegon Targeryon. Jon and Daenery’s intimacy is the second best part. Well Jorah wouldn’t agree with me, sorry Jorah. Anyways, what do we expect for next season? Jamie warns Tyrion about Cersei’s actual plan? What will Daenery’s think about Jon’s true name? Will Tormund ever have giant babies with Brienne? All these answers are far away and the next days without GoT will be filled with anxiety. We must stay strong! We waited for Winter; now Winter came; and we must wait again for Winter. Literally.


Ireland vs USA: Review

How many Irishman does it take to defeat a boxing champion? Well… the answer is zero. McGregor proved himself in the ring and even though he didn’t make the 12 rounds, he shocked the world. Who would’ve ever thought that a UFC fighter would challenge a retired boxer? Well it happened, although McGregor didn’t win the match, he put on an entertaining match. Things started out slow but McGregor tested Mayweather and Mayweather tested McGregor, and excitement broke out. McGregor actually won rounds and actually did better than other boxers that have faced Mayweather. In the last round, McGregor stumbling as he walked of fatigue was stopped by the ref, no damage to him, only the fury that Mayweather was unleashing. Congrats to both boxers. They both will die as legends.