Carl Jung

“The pathway to completion as a human being is through the embodiment of the monster. You can’t be a good person until you discover your capacity for evil. Not by acting it out in the world, but by understanding it and bringing it under your control. You see, there’s a big difference between someone who is naive and is a ‘good person’——they’re a good person because they can’t not be. They’re like a domesticated house cat. They don’t even have the capacity to be bad. There’s no morality in that. The morality comes when you’re a monster, and you can control it.”

-Jordan Peterson quoting Carl Jung

Kakegurui: Review

Can we please talk about this show? An anime show about compulsive gambling? I hesitated on this show for a while, and I finally decided to pull the trigger. This show is one word…baller! Yumeko is a girl who transfers to a school where a hierarchy of gambling exist and it dominates the environment. The school is all about gambling. You don’t actually see any teachers, since the anime focuses more on the gambling aspect, but who even wants to see the teachers? Everyone gambles and if you fall into debt, you become a slave to the person, and you have to wear a tag. Yumeko is a compulsive gambler and basically she always finds out when someone is cheating. She’s a beast, and the anime really sucks you into the gambling world. Yumeko is the definition of a badass, and she basically takes on the whole school. It’s so funny to see the main characters get so turned on when the stakes are high, and it really shows what the gambling world is like. The art is absolutely beautiful, and Yumeko is the definition of the perfect waifu. I really recommend this show, and wait…I’m not done. KAKEGURUI HAS THE BEST INTRO IN ANIME HISTORY. They literally put jazz in the intro, and show it in a really seductive way, making you want to go all in. The only think that it lacked is the character development of the main characters, but overall the show was good. LET’S GET ARE GAMBLING FREAK ON!