“I think I’m in love with a stranger. That magical feeling you get from an unknown abyss in your body. You can’t control it and somehow it takes over you. Like a moth, trapped in a house, looking outside a window, trying to get out, but it can’t and it doesn’t know why. – Rigo Soto”

A Silent Voice: Review

I had to make a review about this movie. I HAD TO! It was around 2am, and I just decided to watch a little bit of A Silent Voice. When I meant a little bit, I meant like 10 to 15 minutes of the movie. After the first 10 minutes, I was hooked and I couldn’t stop. I didn’t cry but I felt tears coming and I laughed plenty of times. This movie is unbelievable, maybe on of the best anime movies I’ve seen. I saw Your Name a long time ago and remember having a similar impact on me after I watched it. A Silent Voice is so sweet, funny and they really do expose the deaf culture. It honestly made me want to learn sign language. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer or don’t know what the movie is about; basically, it’s about a deaf girl (Nishimiya) who gets bullied by Shoya. They meet again in high school and Shoya is determined to make things right with Nishimiya, and on doing so he begins to have deep emotions for Nishiyima. Romantic emotions play a part here but when I talk about emotions I also mean the spectrum of human emotions, including fear and regret. Suicide is also a huge theme in the movie, which Shoya talks about early in the film. The animation is also the best I’ve seen, I think in any anime movie, excluding Hayao Miyazaki, since he is indeed the king of animation. The only think I didn’t like about the movie is that…I can’t say…but because it might be a spoiler… you have to watch it… it’s a bittersweet thing. Go watch it! Great movie for anybody, even if you don’t watch anime.