Gunpowder: Review

The show revolves around the failed Gunpowder Plot in London in 1605, which might’ve been more known with Guy Fawkes and his failed attempt to blow-up the parliament. The show is only three episodes, and the acting is done very well. I might have a few issues with the show but they are minuscule concerns. First of all, the show felt rushed. It’s mostly dialogue which is good, but when there is action, it feels rushed and you can tell they don’t put that much effort too it. Kit Harrington’s performance is incredible but his character is rather dull. I don’t blame Kit, nor the rest of the actors but the silly writing. Guy Fawkes is by far the most famous one, and he was given barely any lines and the viewers knew nothing about him what’s so ever. One thing I did love about the show was the set and the outfits and just the whole design was immensely pleasing to watch. The story was good too and if your familiar with the great historical event you’ll enjoy it as well. Maybe it should of been longer? Maybe they should’ve gone more in depth with each of the characters. It did indeed feel rushed, and honestly if it wasn’t for Kit…the quality of the show would’ve dramatically dropped.


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