The Disaster Artist: Review

If you have seen The Room, you are going to absolutely love this film. As long as James Franco remains in character you’re in for some laughs. Before I saw this film, I prepared and saw the Room once again, and then when I saw the Disaster Artist I had tears in my eyes. This is going to sound strange for a movie about another shitty movie, is that it’s actually quite inspiring even if the film was trying to be sarcastic. Tommy Wiseau was portrayed as almost a hero, and this film showed exactly that. Making this movie gave him more exposure and honestly by the looks of it, that’s all he wanted. Tommy Wiseau just wanted the fame, he just didn’t know how to attain it, and honestly he is kinda of my hero, think about it, this guy is mysterious and nobody knows how he got the money to do the film, and he just went out there and did it, even if it was bad. Tommy Wiseu is almost a hero to do the filming culture, and everybody will always know Tommy for his terrible film. This has been my favorite comedy film this year, and they didn’t need jokes to make people laugh, all they needed to do was do a movie on Tommy Wiseau. James Franco’s performance is amazing. Amazing. He does the character perfect. He even had the lazy eye thing going on and it’s so funny. The cinematography was spot on too, it had a green and dark theme to it since they filmed a movie that could’ve been filmed outside in a green screen. of This is a film you can see over and over and not stop laughing. This movie is so funny, you’ll be doing the Tommy Wiseau accent for while. Epic.


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