Day Out

Yesterday I went out to a local restaurant that is known for having an exceptionally well known social scene. I was feeling somewhat melancholy, or what others might call it, pure ‘loneliness.’ I took a Woody Allen book that I had ordered through amazon and decided that the book would keep me company or maybe I would find a friendly conversation in the midst of people at the restaurant. I also ordered a beer to go along with the book’s words since reading and alcohol seem to be a decent compatible pair, until you start to see blurry paragraphs. A couple sat next to me. They seemed middle aged, since the wrinkles on their forehead did not go unnoticeable, and the 10 year old kid that tagged along with them was more evidence of their age. Anyway, I sat their and I couldn’t help to hear their toxic conversation. I wasn’t eavesdropping but they were talking pretty loud so it was difficult to not have an exposed ear. The husband was mad at the wife because she couldn’t remember if she had locked the house or not. It’s a legitimate reason to which one should feel perturbed but he was yelling at her as if she had done something absolutely horrible. The kid was ignoring the parents by playing a game on his phone. After 15 minutes of pure anger between the husband and wife, they decided to get on their phones and ignore each other, including their kid. So the kid, the mom and the dad were on their phone the whole time I was there. I took a huge prideful gulp of my beer, a smile grew on my face, and I continued to read my book. The feeling of sweet sweet freedom emerged from an abyss I had hidden in my pocket. -Rigo G. Soto

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