Mudbound: Review

Every once in a while you come across a masterpiece on Netflix. That is what Mudbound is, a masterpiece. What I love most about Mudbound is it’s ability to surprise you when you absolutely think you have it figured out. What caught my eye the most is the cinematic scenes which are breathtaking. Apart from all that, the acting is incredible and you really do feel like you go back in time to the 1940’s. Like any racial prejudice movie, you are rooting for the black people and the white people to get along, and the conflict really gives you an idea how twisted things were back in the day. Also, how set back we were on medication for the returning soldiers who fought in the war. The laborious work farmers did due to the lack of technology is really depicting to the viewers eye, and I think it’s important to watch films like this, so we can hopefully not take the present for granted, as things are way better now than before. This movie has one of the best bittersweet endings I have ever seen, and it had me crying at the end. The relationship Ronsel and Jamie formed was honestly really touching. I was rooting for that friendship all the way and did not want it to end. Awesome film.


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