COCO: Review

This is one of Pixar’s best films, and it’s honestly one of the best films depicting the theme of or the idea of always loving you family and ancestors. I’m debating if this is a better film than Wall-E (my favorite Pixar film), but they are two different kinds of movie. Coco takes the award for the most beautiful cinematic scenery than any other Pixar film. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the day of the dead has never looked so full of life. It’s a humorous film while it keeps it’s theme strong, and it’s emotional duty. The idea of following your dream to be happy is crucial here. As a Mexican, I related to it and understood all the spanish words that were being said, giving me a subtle laugh inside my head. I’ve never really appreciated mariachi music but after seeing how beautiful it actually is, I decided to give my ears a taste of it. The plot is perfectly set up and it had a huge plot twist at the end. The only bad thing I can say about the movie is that it felt a little bit rushed, maybe because he had to get back to the land of the living before sunrise. To conclude, screw the Frozen short film before the movie started!


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