Alias Grace: Review

Alias Grace is one of the greatest murder shows I’ve had the pleasure to discern. It is a true masterpiece and I got chills on my spine when I watched the ending. The cast is amazing and the words; oh my god the words are unbelievable. I had to google the meaning of the words that were being used. IT’s based on the book by Margaret Atwood, a well renowned wordsmith. The story takes place in the 1800’s. Grace Marks, an Irish women comes to Toronto to be maid to a wealthy farm owner, Mr. Kinnear. She is involved in a murder case and throughout the whole show you ask yourself the question if she is innocent or not. It is a great show. The scenery is beautiful and it has some blood-curling scenes. I really felt in love with the main character. Grace Marks. It is only 6 episodes so you can binge on it without it having a baffling effect on your sorrowful daily life. Go watch!


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