Lady Bird: Review

Lady Bird is one of my favorites this year. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that was filmed in Sacramento, and what was funny was that the Tower Theater came out in the movie, and there I was, watching this at the Tower Theater. The first reason I truly love this film is because it’s true to itself. By that I mean, the dialogue is simple, yet abstract making the film very appealing. The color palette is a beauty, which is a dark pink, with an appendage of blue. This movie is definitely recommended for anybody that grew up in Sacramento which I think that is the attended audience. The film is about a girl name Christine that gives her self the name “Lady Bird” and talks a lot about Sacramento though out the film. She is raised in a catholic school but always talks about leaving Sacramento in order to pursue education at a liberal arts school in New York. She struggles to communicate with her mom and you see the financial struggles her family encounters. The film is hilarious but it sticks with the story. The film remains honest and sweet and is just about a girl who wants to ‘fly.’ (Escape)
This is Greta Gerwig’s debut film and I couldn’t recommend it enough. She did a great job and she grew up in Sacramento so she could relate. It’s a must watch.
Thanks for making a movie about Sacramento.

*While in New York*

Guy: “Where are you from?”
Lady Bird: “Sacramento”
Guy: “Where?”
Lady Bird: “San Francisco”
Guy: “Oh nice”!


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