COCO: Review

This is one of Pixar’s best films, and it’s honestly one of the best films depicting the theme of or the idea of always loving you family and ancestors. I’m debating if this is a better film than Wall-E (my favorite Pixar film), but they are two different kinds of movie. Coco takes the award for the most beautiful cinematic scenery than any other Pixar film. The colors are absolutely beautiful and the day of the dead has never looked so full of life. It’s a humorous film while it keeps it’s theme strong, and it’s emotional duty. The idea of following your dream to be happy is crucial here. As a Mexican, I related to it and understood all the spanish words that were being said, giving me a subtle laugh inside my head. I’ve never really appreciated mariachi music but after seeing how beautiful it actually is, I decided to give my ears a taste of it. The plot is perfectly set up and it had a huge plot twist at the end. The only bad thing I can say about the movie is that it felt a little bit rushed, maybe because he had to get back to the land of the living before sunrise. To conclude, screw the Frozen short film before the movie started!


Mudbound: Review

Every once in a while you come across a masterpiece on Netflix. That is what Mudbound is, a masterpiece. What I love most about Mudbound is it’s ability to surprise you when you absolutely think you have it figured out. What caught my eye the most is the cinematic scenes which are breathtaking. Apart from all that, the acting is incredible and you really do feel like you go back in time to the 1940’s. Like any racial prejudice movie, you are rooting for the black people and the white people to get along, and the conflict really gives you an idea how twisted things were back in the day. Also, how set back we were on medication for the returning soldiers who fought in the war. The laborious work farmers did due to the lack of technology is really depicting to the viewers eye, and I think it’s important to watch films like this, so we can hopefully not take the present for granted, as things are way better now than before. This movie has one of the best bittersweet endings I have ever seen, and it had me crying at the end. The relationship Ronsel and Jamie formed was honestly really touching. I was rooting for that friendship all the way and did not want it to end. Awesome film.


Alias Grace: Review

Alias Grace is one of the greatest murder shows I’ve had the pleasure to discern. It is a true masterpiece and I got chills on my spine when I watched the ending. The cast is amazing and the words; oh my god the words are unbelievable. I had to google the meaning of the words that were being used. IT’s based on the book by Margaret Atwood, a well renowned wordsmith. The story takes place in the 1800’s. Grace Marks, an Irish women comes to Toronto to be maid to a wealthy farm owner, Mr. Kinnear. She is involved in a murder case and throughout the whole show you ask yourself the question if she is innocent or not. It is a great show. The scenery is beautiful and it has some blood-curling scenes. I really felt in love with the main character. Grace Marks. It is only 6 episodes so you can binge on it without it having a baffling effect on your sorrowful daily life. Go watch!


Lady Bird: Review

Lady Bird is one of my favorites this year. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that was filmed in Sacramento, and what was funny was that the Tower Theater came out in the movie, and there I was, watching this at the Tower Theater. The first reason I truly love this film is because it’s true to itself. By that I mean, the dialogue is simple, yet abstract making the film very appealing. The color palette is a beauty, which is a dark pink, with an appendage of blue. This movie is definitely recommended for anybody that grew up in Sacramento which I think that is the attended audience. The film is about a girl name Christine that gives her self the name “Lady Bird” and talks a lot about Sacramento though out the film. She is raised in a catholic school but always talks about leaving Sacramento in order to pursue education at a liberal arts school in New York. She struggles to communicate with her mom and you see the financial struggles her family encounters. The film is hilarious but it sticks with the story. The film remains honest and sweet and is just about a girl who wants to ‘fly.’ (Escape)
This is Greta Gerwig’s debut film and I couldn’t recommend it enough. She did a great job and she grew up in Sacramento so she could relate. It’s a must watch.
Thanks for making a movie about Sacramento.

*While in New York*

Guy: “Where are you from?”
Lady Bird: “Sacramento”
Guy: “Where?”
Lady Bird: “San Francisco”
Guy: “Oh nice”!


Thor: Ragnorak Review

I rarely see Marvel movies. The ONLY reason I bought tickets for this was because of the director, Taika Waititi. I’ve seen all his films so I became a huge fan. This was his first Hollywood film and it absolutely blew my mind. This film is so funny and packed with action. I’ve read a lot of norse mythology and I got a lot of the references, and when you mix in Thor with Led Zeppelin you get the coolest Marvel movie ever made. The film is a little bit over 2 hours but they go by quick and you’ll be laughing the whole movie. The visuals are amazing and the slow-mo’s are epic. This definitely my favorite marvel film. I can’t wait for this director to take over Hollywood. He deserves it!


23andMe Results

 photo Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.17.35 AM.png

These are my DNA results. The process was fun and exciting and I did a lot of research on pretty much everything. Like many people, I was extremely surprised. I was expecting a lot more native american since my parents are from Mexico but I the results showed more European. Iberian is basically Portugal/Spain, which is a big chunk of my DNA. The one that also surprised me was ‘Ashkenazi Jewish.’ I really wanted to get Scandinavian but you can’t get everything. I am happy with my results. I’m pretty diverse which is great, and I learned a lot with all the research I did.