‘F Is for Family’ is a Masterpiece

The thing I like most about this show is how accurate they make the time period. Takes place in 1972 when women were stay at home moms, kids would go to the train tracks to ‘chill’ and music was at it’s peak. This show is well written, as Bill Burr takes the role of the lead character, he shows nothing but cursing and calling his kids animals. You can see the struggles a dad in the 70’s went through in a very comical manner. It almost makes you revaluate your life. The intro is one of my favorite in a cartoon and the creators don’t hold back. They tell the truth.

Frank(dad): “Dinner is ready.”
Kevin(son): “What’s for dinner?”
Frank(dad): “Free food. Why do you give a shit?”

I love how blunt and honest they are. This show just got renewed for a third season, and it could be a big one. Go check it out.


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