Samurai Champloo: Review

I just finished Samurai Champloo for the first time and I am still in shock. The show was so brilliantly done and the art was fantastic. The ending was a bitter sweet ending and it had me in tears with a huge smile on my face. I loved Cowboy Bebop and this show is directed by the same director but to tell you the truth Samurai Champloo is way better. Not only does it start out with some swordplay, you literally fall in love with the Edo period in Japan and you literally learn the honor that comes when you are a samurai. I was very surprised to see that the show was some what religious, as if the creators were trying to portray a message on how brutal religion was back in that that period. I also fell in love with the characters and I think they were well created and Fuu was amazing (One of the main characters). The show was packed with action, romance, and hilarious moments. Also, this show is literally the definition of what having friends means and the connection that you develop with them. Although this show was only one season, this show could’ve been huge if they continued the story. For one season this show deserves more recognition. Time to go buy my samurai costume for Halloween.


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