Mexico vs Kazakhstan

It took me a while to make this review because of school but I finally have time. What a fight. Way better than Mayweather and McGregor. This is what it looks like when you put to warriors in a ring. Both of them with foreign blood running through their veins, each fighter had its up and downs in the fight. Canelo started out decent and looked like he had the fight. He tested GGG and played with him. GGG eventually caught up and while he was nervous in the beginning of the fight, he dominated the middle. Now Canelo threw the most brutal punches but GGG’s chin was a concrete wall. GGG threw more punches and racked up more points while Canelo threw less but deadlier punches. By the 9th round GGG was breathing extremely heavy and Canelo seemed impatient. Both warriors fought an amazing fight and but the result was extremely controversial. A draw. GGG should’ve won the fight but one of the judges scored a 118-110 Canelo and that did it. We will probably be expecting a rematch, but it was interesting seeing a Kazakhstani bring the Mexican styler boxing to the ring and the Mexican bring the tango. Bravo.

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