Overwatch – Review

I hate myself. I really do hate myself for not giving this game a chance sooner. When this game came out I had a chance to buy it but I totally ignored it and I am now paying the consequences. This game is amazing. It’s so damn fun. I know I’m late but better late than never. Growing up on CoD and Halo this game seems way better than the both combined. It’s just different. It’s unique. It’s so unique it deserves it’s own category. You get so sucked in to it and when you play, so much is going that sometimes your brain can’t process everything. I which I had people I could play with but for now I have the little kids on the quick play mode. I am also surprised how essential teamwork is and how teams need to be leveled out in order to win. Either way this game is big and a lot of fun. Like… a lot of FUN.


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