I don’t know what it is about life but I have a mild obsession with medieval history. There is something about the that time period that literally fascinates me. I wish I could live in those times. I know the life expectancy was extremely low but I feel like you had more freedom. You were braver. You were more of a human trying to survive than anything else. I think I am going to write my own fantasy book. I’ve been thinking about too long for me not to do it. Here it goes.

Mexico vs Kazakhstan

It took me a while to make this review because of school but I finally have time. What a fight. Way better than Mayweather and McGregor. This is what it looks like when you put to warriors in a ring. Both of them with foreign blood running through their veins, each fighter had its up and downs in the fight. Canelo started out decent and looked like he had the fight. He tested GGG and played with him. GGG eventually caught up and while he was nervous in the beginning of the fight, he dominated the middle. Now Canelo threw the most brutal punches but GGG’s chin was a concrete wall. GGG threw more punches and racked up more points while Canelo threw less but deadlier punches. By the 9th round GGG was breathing extremely heavy and Canelo seemed impatient. Both warriors fought an amazing fight and but the result was extremely controversial. A draw. GGG should’ve won the fight but one of the judges scored a 118-110 Canelo and that did it. We will probably be expecting a rematch, but it was interesting seeing a Kazakhstani bring the Mexican styler boxing to the ring and the Mexican bring the tango. Bravo.

The Scorpion and the Frog

“A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.”

“Life Under a Simulation”

I’ve been wanting to write about this specific subject for a long time. As a programmer and a science enthusiast, this is an interesting topic to me. Are we living under a computer simulation? I am going to explain why this is a possibility. You have to really look at this with an open mind. Now, what is a simulation? Well, a simulation is basically an imitation of some sort. You could also say its some sort of model based on something. Before I talk about simulation, I am going to talk about AI. I read Tim Urban’s article on AI, which he explains the three stages of AI. The first AI is “Weak AI.” This AI can probably beat you at chess but can do nothing else. The second AI is “General AI.” This AI has the SAME level intelligence as a human. The third AI is “Super Intelligence AI.” The term is self explanatory. Smarter than a human. We are currently in the first stage, but we are extremely close to the second stage. Now, the breakthrough science. If humans create an AI with a conscience, we as humans did the impossible. I saw a study in New York, where they build a robot with four legs, with no specific set of instructions. It’s only goal was for it to be able to walk. They didn’t program the robot how to walk of any sort. It alone had to learn how to walk. It had to learn what it’s legs are used for, how to use them, and basically learn what it is. It was fascinating. I saw the thing struggle and learn that it has legs and they can be used to walk. A conscience mind. Some “Godly” power humans have. I will post the link to the article by Tim Urban after this post. Now, let’s talk a little about math and theory. Math. Math is brilliant. Math is the language of science, the universe and is the platform of everything. The universe never ends and for all we know could just be these numbers and equations. If I tell you that 1+1=2, you will not argue with me. It is a fact. You can never change 1+1=2. It will always be that rule no matter what. If you say 1+1=3, well that is not a fact. See the universe is written in a language. A mathematical language. We can measure how far a thrown ball can go just through physics. So we can say that the universe is made by invisible equations that we as humans have figured out. 1’s and 0’s. But not all of them have been figured out. There is still a lot we haven’t figure out. But we know more than we did before so we keep making progress. So we as humans have created some sort of simulations to an extent. Take for example, video games or simulations for project that play out a role for a specific audience. This is a simulation being controlled by humans. But what if humans created a simulation of conscience AI and just let it play out? Is that already god like behavior? Won’t the AI start questioning where they came from and form some sort of “religion?” Couldn’t we be a stimulation from a higher being? We won’t exactly know until we die. Only the death know the truth. The actual truth. If that’s the case then we can be some sort of study or just a stimulation that has a different purpose. If a stimulation is true, then we all serve a purpose. You are part of something more beyond than we know of. The idea of a stimulation has been getting more and more attention. Powerful Elon Musk believes it and so does Nick Bostrom, a computer philosopher. The fact that humans and our environment is so complicated is not because of chance, it’s because everything has some sort of equational identity at the end supporting it. Like 1+1=2, or Time x Rate= Distance. So because it is not made up of chance this is not an atheist view, only its own theory of a higher being. I think religion plays a vital role to this. The fact that we have Christianity or other religions is that we as humans have accepted the belief of a higher being. I just personally don’t believe that God interferes with your life or nature the way other religious people do. The simulation has already been played until the very infinite end, or until we wipe each other out. Never before did we think we would have all the information of the world in the palm of our hand (smartphone). Everything is possible with the right technology. Self-driving cars. Virtual video games. Medicine. Anti-aging technology. I am going to capitalize this because I think it’s vital. PEOPLE ARE UNDERESTIMATING THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY. It has grown at a super speed over the years. It even changed the way we meet people. Some people aren’t that amazed with the tech because as humans have already adapted to it. Humans are good at that. I encourage people to get themselves involved in tech. Learn and analyze new theories. We are changing as a society and should be accepting the technology that we are creating. If you would like to know more about this subject, I will put some links below, or just go watch the Matrix. Wink wink.

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