The Dragon and Wolf (GoT): Review


Game of thrones is over. At least for this year. The finale was just amazing and was everything fans hoped for. It was the right amount of Dragon and Wolf that we wanted. Little Finger’s death was much of a surprise as Jamie deserting Cersei. We got to see Theon Greyjoy grow balls, (not literally…sorry) and we also got to witness the Night King’s army and of course THEIR dragon. But besides all this… the best thing about the finale was finally the confirmation of Jon’s real parents and is his real name. Even with his new name, Jon is the opposite of the last person named Aegon Targeryon. Jon and Daenery’s intimacy is the second best part. Well Jorah wouldn’t agree with me, sorry Jorah. Anyways, what do we expect for next season? Jamie warns Tyrion about Cersei’s actual plan? What will Daenery’s think about Jon’s true name? Will Tormund ever have giant babies with Brienne? All these answers are far away and the next days without GoT will be filled with anxiety. We must stay strong! We waited for Winter; now Winter came; and we must wait again for Winter. Literally.


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