Tesla Review

Okay. So this is my review on the Tesla from driving it. I have never drove a safer car than the Tesla. I got on the freeway and the car has an autopilot option and as soon as you engage it, you can let go of the wheel. If you put on the blinker, the car will sense anything around it and then change lanes. This is interesting because self driving cars aren’t really a thing yet. This is as close as we’ll get as of now. So self driving cars are the future. Less accidents. Now the Tesla’s settings are in its front monitor than resembles an iPad, and you can change a vast amount of stuff and even browse the web. The appearance of the car is very futuristic and the top of the car looks like a very strange type of unbreakable glass that you can only see your own reflection. Can’t get out of a parking spot? Just press a button and the car will do the work on it’s own. You don’t even have to be in the car. The car also drives incredibly smooth and trust me… it goes fast. That motherfucker can fly for being an electric car. I was told the charge time is around 30 minutes, and if this is true… well damn. Amazing. It’s a great car overall and for the price, it’s a fucking steal. It’s a spaceship on land. I salute you Elon Musk.

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