Game of Thrones – Episode 6 (spoiler alert)

As I finished episode 6 I could not stop thinking about how Dany is going to manage with only 2 dragons. Not only will she face Cersei, she also has to face the White Walkers, who now have a dragon. This was the first episode where we saw Dany and Jon have an emotional connection. We also start seeing Dany more in control of her decisions as opposed to her counsels, especially Tyrion. The most interesting thing about this episode is the fact that Arya has changed so much that Sansa herself doesn’t even trust her. Who would of thought that Arya, a sister, would be a threat to Sansa. The season finale will be a big one since Dany, Jon and Cersei will all meet and decide the outcome of Westeros. Another great episode from the best show ever created.

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