The Dragon and Wolf (GoT): Review


Game of thrones is over. At least for this year. The finale was just amazing and was everything fans hoped for. It was the right amount of Dragon and Wolf that we wanted. Little Finger’s death was much of a surprise as Jamie deserting Cersei. We got to see Theon Greyjoy grow balls, (not literally…sorry) and we also got to witness the Night King’s army and of course THEIR dragon. But besides all this… the best thing about the finale was finally the confirmation of Jon’s real parents and is his real name. Even with his new name, Jon is the opposite of the last person named Aegon Targeryon. Jon and Daenery’s intimacy is the second best part. Well Jorah wouldn’t agree with me, sorry Jorah. Anyways, what do we expect for next season? Jamie warns Tyrion about Cersei’s actual plan? What will Daenery’s think about Jon’s true name? Will Tormund ever have giant babies with Brienne? All these answers are far away and the next days without GoT will be filled with anxiety. We must stay strong! We waited for Winter; now Winter came; and we must wait again for Winter. Literally.


Ireland vs USA: Review

How many Irishman does it take to defeat a boxing champion? Well… the answer is zero. McGregor proved himself in the ring and even though he didn’t make the 12 rounds, he shocked the world. Who would’ve ever thought that a UFC fighter would challenge a retired boxer? Well it happened, although McGregor didn’t win the match, he put on an entertaining match. Things started out slow but McGregor tested Mayweather and Mayweather tested McGregor, and excitement broke out. McGregor actually won rounds and actually did better than other boxers that have faced Mayweather. In the last round, McGregor stumbling as he walked of fatigue was stopped by the ref, no damage to him, only the fury that Mayweather was unleashing. Congrats to both boxers. They both will die as legends.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review

Okay. I finished the game. Took me about 6 hours but I finished it. This game is one word. AMAZING. Okay two words. FUCKING AMAZING. It’s mostly a story driven game but the combat is addicting. The fighting mechanics are amazing. It actually requires skill and reflex. Although I didn’t play with headphones, I could imagine it’s 10 times better with headphones. I felt like i had psychosis after the game. The ending is very exciting and sad as well. Starting the game, it warns you about permadeath. Although it doesn’t happen, I was playing the whole game thinking it would so every death was heartbreaking. Ninja Theory is honestly on to something with this game and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a sequel in the future. They should make it bigger. More open world. Like Witcher. That would be sick. Oh and btw, did I mention it’s only 30 bucks?


Tesla Review

Okay. So this is my review on the Tesla from driving it. I have never drove a safer car than the Tesla. I got on the freeway and the car has an autopilot option and as soon as you engage it, you can let go of the wheel. If you put on the blinker, the car will sense anything around it and then change lanes. This is interesting because self driving cars aren’t really a thing yet. This is as close as we’ll get as of now. So self driving cars are the future. Less accidents. Now the Tesla’s settings are in its front monitor than resembles an iPad, and you can change a vast amount of stuff and even browse the web. The appearance of the car is very futuristic and the top of the car looks like a very strange type of unbreakable glass that you can only see your own reflection. Can’t get out of a parking spot? Just press a button and the car will do the work on it’s own. You don’t even have to be in the car. The car also drives incredibly smooth and trust me… it goes fast. That motherfucker can fly for being an electric car. I was told the charge time is around 30 minutes, and if this is true… well damn. Amazing. It’s a great car overall and for the price, it’s a fucking steal. It’s a spaceship on land. I salute you Elon Musk.


Elon Musk and AI experts urge U.N. to ban artificial intelligence in weapons

This is big. Not only is technology increasing at an alarming high rate, the evolution of AI has people worried. This can be dangerous because we already have AI beating the world’s greatest GO player and chess player. Not only that, Facebook found a conversation between two Facebook bots that created their own language. To add the cherry on top, an AI created it’s own song with an algorithm created from just listening to music in Spotify. But weapons? Where do we draw the line? Will AI have the same intentions as humans? Save us Elon Musk.